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Create - Execute - Deliver

Creating memories one cake at a time through......

- creativity

- imagination

- inspiration

- delicious recipes

- quality ingredients

- passion

- fun times

Debra loves working with people to create their perfect celebration cake. Her attention to detail and the use of only the finest quality products set her apart from others.

Debra is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services - Office of Environmental Health and maintains a current food handler’s card issued by Maricopa County.

She is dedicated to making your celebration cake a success. Your family and friends will be surprised and wowed by her detail and attention!


Thank you so much - - the cake was beautiful and yummy!

- Toni, Phoenix - July, 2016

So amazing, Debra. The pictures do not do the details on your cakes justice. You are insanely talented. Thank you sooooo much!

- Jamie, Phoenix - July, 2016

Hi Debbie, oh my gosh......our guests loved the Batman cake! Val was very happy that you created the cake exactly how she wanted it. Thank you for the wonderful work and all the love you put into your cakes!

- Jessie, Glendale - July, 2016

Thank you, Debra. You just get better and better! Looking forward to another one of your amazing cakes!

- Cathy, Scottsdale - June, 2016

Thank you, Debra. Your cake was beautiful and delicious!

- Robin, Glendale - April, 2016

The boys could not wait to dig into your cake! Thank you!

- Retha, Phoenix - February, 2016

Another amazing creation from Creative Spirit Cake Designs. Thank you Debra Timmerman for this spectacular Peanuts inspired cake and cupcake design! You rock lady!

- Lauren, Scottsdale - November, 2015

Thank you so much. Alex loved his cake! Not only was it nicely done, it was delicious! We will be having another birthday celebration in November - - I will be contact you!

- Melinda, Phoenix - September, 2015

Thank you so much, Debbie. Not only for the cake but the present! More birthday cakes to be made in the future. You always go above and beyond on special days!!

- Dominique, Phoenix - September, 2015

You're my go-to gal! Loved by all! Beautifully done, as usual! Those turtles were so cute. Never disappointed. Thank you.

- Alice, Phoenix - August, 2015

Our cake was the best! You helped make a wonderful man very happy! Thank you.

- Vickie, Phoenix - August, 2015

So awesome and YUMMY! Thank you, Debra

- Kristen, Glendale - August, 2015

Thank you so much, Debra! We all loved the cake! Emma wants to keep her ruby red slippers forever!

- Erin, Scottsdale - July, 2015

Hi Debra! What a day. Everything was perfect - way exceeded our expectations. The cupcakes were delicious and the smash cakes simply fabulous! It was so great to meet you and I look forward to more of your amazing creations in the future. Thank you again for everything.

- Chalese, Phoenix - June, 2015

The level of detail is astounding! I have never seen such beautiful work! Thank you!

Cindy, Glendale - April, 2015

Debra, the Godzilla cake was a hit! Everyone loved it. My favorite was the coconut cupcakes. Scarlett smashed and ate her cake! We had a blast! We still have "Lizzy" on our counter! Thank you!

Ashleigh, Mesa - March, 2015

Hi Debra, thank you again for yet another amazing cake. It was beautiful and delicious. You will be hearing from me again!

- Diana, Chandler - January, 2015

I just love the cake you made for Chloe. It was delicious.....the best cake I've ever tasted!

- Amanda, Phoenix - January, 2015

Hi Debra - - the cake was so beautiful and so much admired.....and so delicious! The chocolate cupcakes were amazing. I LOVED the taste of your white cake as well. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job with the cake and presentation! Everyone was so impressed!

Christina, Glendale - July, 2014

The cake was beautiful and tasted amazing!

- Erin, Phoenix - July, 2014

Debra, you truly have a gift....and make so many people happy!

Christina, Surprise - June, 2014

Beautiful AND Delicious! Thank you, Debra!

Amy, Scottsdale - June, 2014

Cake Lovers

- Vanilla

- Chocolate

- Red Velvet

- Strawberry

- Lemon Zest Burst

- Raspberry

- Lavender Earl Gray

- Chocolate Espresso

- Irish Cream

- Coconut

- Carrot

- Chocolate - Mint

- Vanilla Bean

- Pumpkin Spice

- Champagne

- Almond

Fillings / Frostings:

- Vanilla Bean Buttercream

- Valrhona Chocolate Buttercream

- Cream Cheese

- Lemon Zest Buttercream

- Raspberry Cream

- Peach Buttercream

- Mocha Buttercream

- Valrhona Ganache

- Coconut Vanilla Bean

- Meyer Lemon Cream Cheese

- Cinnamon Spice Cream Cheese

- Molasses Buttercream